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What is TeamConnect?

TeamConnect is a cloud-based computing technology that provides Geospatial awareness solutions for organizations. It allows users to communicate, share, and see real-time information that will allow them to better execute the job.

TeamConnect Benefits

    Share Information with Partner Agencies
    Know Where Your Teammates are in the near real time
    Track and Record Day-to-Day or Incident Information
    For Organizations of any size and shape
    Quickly Share Critical Information
    Learning is Easy


TeamBeacon is the newest addition to the TeamConnect platform. Utilizing the TeamConnect On-The-Go (OTG) application, TeamBeacon allows users to send location updates in the background without having to run ATAK or iTAK to do so! We listened to the feedback from you; the end user, and delivered a function that is essential for the day-to-day operations needed to be successful.

Check out the short clip below to help get you started!!

What is Situational Awareness?

Situational Awareness (SA) provides those with the sense of being aware of what is happening in the area of operation while gathering intelligence in real time. ATAK and TeamConnect provides an SA solution to communicate, push data to others, and see other operators in real time. To put it into layman's terms, it provides you (the user) the ability to see others movements and actions within your group, and provides you with the ability to send data points and chat messages to those people.

How does PAR do SA?

The everyday use of mobile smart devices has created a demand in Government and business for solutions to quickly manage and visualize information for situational awareness and decision making. The PAR Government team has developed and integrated these robust SA solutions over the past ten years for our Department of Defense, federal, state and local customers.

What is TAK?

Tactical Assault Kit/Team Awareness Kit (TAK) – TAK is a proven, government-owned, mobile Situational Awareness technology suite that is currently used by over 20 defense and government organizations. TAK is a mobile app that runs on most commercial smartphones and provides a simple to use suite of situational awareness information tools.


TeamConnect Collaboration Server – TeamConnect is commercially available Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from PAR Government that provides a state of the art, cloud based, next generation collaboration server that is designed for anyone to set up from a web-based environment and can automatically scale to adapt to any sized incident.

Customization and Support

Customization and Support –A customization solution can be designed to rapidly field, integrate and train the user base on the capability and potential of a powerful SA experience. Through an interactive process that more deeply explores user requirements and standard operating procedures, the PAR team can provide customized workflows that build on solution base capability by creating further synergies with current and future practices customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The user interface is very simple. TeamConnect was designed to be used by anyone. Setting up an account, creating new TeamConnect Groups, and sending federation requests are easy and only take a few minutes. There are no special skills required.

Federating TeamConnect Groups simply means joining different TeamConnect Groups so that they can share TAK data such as movement of active TAK users, sharing map markers, drawings, routes, or even photos. Federation of the groups can be done within an organization or between two or more other organizations. You can also set the duration you want the federation to last. This could span a single unique event or could be set up for long periods of time.

Yes, TeamConnect offers end-to-end secure connections, including two-factor authentication. You can even disable single or multiple devices remotely if needed.

Yes, in fact TeamConnect can be used across various data connections. These include; Cellular data connections, WiFi, MANET/Mesh networks: i.e. Wave Relay MPU5 (for high bandwidth), and GoTenna (for low bandwidth), just to name a few.

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